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How Does Our EPOS Work?

We have worked to design an electronic point of sale (EPOS) unit for use on the Bitcoin lightning network. Our device is simple to use; it is the size of a small phone and connects to a magnetic charging base. When in standby it displays a Bitcoin screensaver screen.

Press any button to wake it up, and it'll ask you to enter the amount you wish to charge your client. Use the built-in keypad to enter the amount and press "C". Our node then converts this amount into Bitcoin using a "live price feed" and displays a QR code for the customer.

Once the customer has scanned the QR code, the system processes the payment and displays "COMPLETE". This whole process is speedy, here's a link to an EPOS at work in the real world.

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Get an EPOS unit

The order process for our EPOS is straightforward. There are no credit checks and no bank account information needed, after all, this is a Bitcoin-based system. The first and most obvious step is to speak to us; we use telegram for all external communications initially. Once your enquiry is processed, you will be assisted further by a dedicated account manager. They will liaise with you and arrange the setup and delivery of your EPOS.

We pride ourselves on customer care and try to ensure every unit arrives with the customer on time and ready to go. If you have to do anything more than plugging it into the wall, we consider it a failure.

Best of all, our EPOS usually costs $99. Making it an incredibly affordable option for any small business, and if you join us before October 31st, 2019, it's completely free.

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Getting Paid

We close our payments channels weekly (using our automated systems) and process all of the weeks' transactions every Friday.

These confirmed payments are handled promptly and sent directly to the company Bitcoin wallet. If you have chosen to receive a traditional fiat payment settlement, this can take up to ten working days. Another reason why we encourage all clients to select "Bitcoin" as their preferred payment option with us.

It is that simple. Reach out, sign up, receive our Point of Sale unit via the post, plug it in and begin taking payments.

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